Take a stroll through your neighborhood and you’ll see tree care mistakes made by well-intentioned tree keepers.  For the health of your tree, be sure to avoid the common mistakes pictured below

Also to be added:

  • Don’t use trees to lock up bikes.
  • Don’t nail or tack a sign to the tree trunk.
  • Don’t wrap trees or trunks with lights.
  • Be careful when mowing the lawn and trimming not to damage lower tree trunks with power tools.
  • Don’t pull tree branches off by hand – it damages the tree.
  • Don’t stand on tree beds. . .it compacts the soil which prevents water and oxygen from reaching the roots.
  • Don’t use plastic or stones in tree beds to prevent weeds – use mulch instead.
  • Don’t pour liquids in tree beds – only water!

plant in concrete Bike Rack Sign on Tree