Next Tree Planting Workshop: October 26, 2024
Next Tree Planting: November 2, 2024

Mark your calendar for October 26, 2024 for the tree planting workshop and November 2, 2024 for our next volunteer tree planting!
Before you can plant with Re-Tree, we ask that you attend a free tree planting workshop.  
October details will be announced - click below to be notified on details.

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The Buffalo Green Fund was established as a 501c3 corporation in 1978 to cultivate, promote, foster, sponsor and develop urban beautification in the City of Buffalo.  Ever since, we've worked alongside the City to attract private contributions to beautify Buffalo’s public spaces at no cost to taxpayers.

Responding to relevant needs of the day, our history includes:


  • 1978
    Buffalo Green Fund launches, replacing 3,000 ash trees throughout the City of Buffalo
  • 1980s
    Beautification of Cathedral Park, Niagara Square, and Buffalo Place pedestrian mall; Creation of the Erie Basin Marina test gardens
  • 1990s
    Buffalo in Bloom launches; Tree plantings on Delaware Avenue; two grants secured to restore trees on Olmsted Parkways; Launched the Neighborhood Tree Fund, resulting in private contributions for over 1300 trees throughout Buffalo
  • early 2000s
    Gates Circle restoration; Completion of a Master Tree Plan for the City of Buffalo; Installation of Welcome to Buffalo signs along NYS Thruway & Kensington Expressway
  • 2006
    Creation of the volunteer Re-Tree planting effort in response to 2006’s “October Surprise” storm.  To date, Re-Tree has planted more than 30,000 trees. 
  • 2010s
    Daffodils and trees planted in Delaware Park; Replacement of 60+ dying Ash trees on Delaware Avenue between North Street and Gates Circle
  • 2020
    Re-Tree plants its 30,00th tree in Buffalo
  • 2023
    BGF focuses on plantings in East Buffalo, conducting neighborhood trainings at Compass East and the Buffalo Museum of Science to engage hundreds of new volunteers

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