Next Tree Planting Workshop: October 26, 2024
Next Tree Planting: November 2, 2024

Mark your calendar for October 26, 2024 for the tree planting workshop and November 2, 2024 for our next volunteer tree planting!
Before you can plant with Re-Tree, we ask that you attend a free tree planting workshop.  
October details will be announced - click below to be notified on details.

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Re-Tree WNY was established in response to the “October Surprise” storm of 2006 and has since planted more than 30,000 trees to replace those lost in public areas.

Re-Tree’s coalition has grown from an initial group of 40 volunteers to an eclectic group of professionals who have a passion for Buffalo and a background for being “doers” in our committee. We have government leaders, media personalities, attorneys, park personnel, community activists, volunteer organizations, sales executives, promotional people, media people, retirees, and retail managers in our group.

Re-Tree operates as a program of Buffalo Green Fund, an ongoing relationship that provides Re-Tree with administrative support, additional fundraising capacity, bigger networks of volunteers, and existing relationships with various government entities.

More information if available on the Re-Tree program page at

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