Next Tree Planting Workshop: October 26, 2024
Next Tree Planting: November 2, 2024

Mark your calendar for October 26, 2024 for the tree planting workshop and November 2, 2024 for our next volunteer tree planting!
Before you can plant with Re-Tree, we ask that you attend a free tree planting workshop.  
October details will be announced - click below to be notified on details.

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What types of projects does the Buffalo Green Fund support?

The Green Fund supports organizations and programs that enhance the function and appearance of urban neighborhoods throughout the City of Buffalo. These include, but are not limited to street tree plantings (in the right-of-way and on public property), volunteer planting/gardening initiatives, benches and garbage cans, welcome signs, etc.

Do we need to be a not-for-profit organization to partner with Buffalo Green Fund?

Not specifically.  Based on projects and organizations that have been funded in the past, those considered most favorably are those where 100% of the Green Fund donation goes to support the project and not operating expenses; projects that involve collaboration; and projects where the support from the Buffalo Green Fund can be used to leverage support from other sources. It is preferable that the organization have nonprofit 501c(3) status.

How does one apply to the Green Fund to ask for support?

There is currently no specific time of year nor special application a group must complete in order to request funding and requests for funding are accepted throughout the year; however, the request must be in writing and include:

  • Project budget
  • Estimated time to complete and completion date
  • Additional partners and funding sources
  • Plan for how Green Fund will be recognized for the donation
  • Contact person in the event the Green Fund need additional information

To learn more about our process, you can simply complete our Contact Us form.

Can I specify where my donation is spent?

Yes, as long as the program is a program supported by the Buffalo Green Fund. These include: the Erie Basin Marina Test Gardens, Re-Tree, Buffalo in Bloom, and the Communi-Tree Steward project, in addition to location-specific requests.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes and you will receive a tax deductible receipt from The Buffalo Green Fund.

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