Clear Day Thunder:  Rescuing the American Chestnut
Eugene V. Debs Hall will host a screening of Clear Day Thunder: Rescuing the American Chestnut (2023). This documentary film, commissioned by the American Chestnut Foundation, tells the story of citizen scientists and researchers working to restore this ecologically and economically important species. 
Eugene V. Debs Hall, 483 Peckham Street, Tuesday, May 28, at 6 pm,  film screening at 7 pm
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Next Tree Planting Workshop: October 26, 2024
Next Tree Planting: November 2, 2024

Mark your calendar for October 26, 2024 for the tree planting workshop and November 2, 2024 for our next volunteer tree planting!
Before you can plant with Re-Tree, we ask that you attend a free tree planting workshop.  
October details will be announced - click below to be notified on details.

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Test Gardens

Buffalo’s Erie Basin Marina is home to one of the few test and trial gardens in the Eastern United States.  In total, the plantings feature more than 3,000 plants coming to Buffalo from all over the world.  The plantings add beauty to Buffalo’s harbor and exist as a part of a larger North American effort to learn which plants might thrive in our climate.

The gardens feature new specialty trials on an annual basis, with all specimens well-labeled to help educate visitors.  Visitors can also view specialty cultivars that are grown and evaluated for the coming years, all within view of the water’s edge, City Hall, Canada, and Naval Park ships.

The Test Gardens are supported by Buffalo Green Fund (providing both funding and financial oversight) in collaboration with Smith Boys Marina, Garden Master Stan Swisher, and the City of Buffalo.


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